Apr 6, 2010

Liquid Diets Weight Loss For Diabetes

Patients suffering from diabetes mellitus need to adopt special diet for proper maintenance of their health. A proper diet at the same time is necessary to sustain a balance in their health. Many diseases are there that do not require any special diet, but diabetes specially does not fall into that category. This is an ailment, which requires particular medication and diet as well. Generally, the nature of diet differs according to the diabetic patterns. Accordingly, diet for diabetes mellitus is not similar with the diet of juvenile diabetes.

Whatever, the type may be, a special diet is extremely needed in this direction from preventing the disease to spread more. Although insulin is a main input requirement in the diabetes mellitus, subsequent liquid diets are also of much importance. In this case, commonly a low carbohydrate diet is preferred. Most of the times, in addition to this, fluid diets are incorporated for being easily digestible. Apart from this, they contain protein. While we are talking about the special diabetic liquid diets, we must look for the objectives of those fluid diets meant for the diabetic patients in general.

The basic objectives of these diabetic diets are more or less same. First and the foremost motive of these diets are to bring the glucose level normal in the blood. Irrespective of type one or type two diabetes, this is a major objective of the liquid diets. In order to keep the glucose level under control, patients are generally given diets comprising low or negligible amount of glucose. Apart from bringing the glucose level under control, diabetic patients also need to maintain the triglyceride and cholesterol level that is altogether known as lipid level. Both of these are required as they help to keep the blood pressure under control. Accordingly, low fat liquid diets, devoid of saturated fats, are prescribed in this connection. So far being overweight is a major problem for the patients of diabetes, and weight control remains a major aim of these diets. Again, to attain this, low fat diets are generally prescribed by the dietitians.

Maintenance of overall health is one major concern while making diets for diabetes. This is one reason that the common factor in all forms of diabetic liquid diets is the saturated fat control and carbohydrate checking. As most of the times, saturated fats are found from animal products, these animal proteins are restricted into the diabetes diets. In addition to this, trans-fatty acids containing hard margarines, fast foods, commercial products are also highly restricted. Generally mustard oil, coconut oil and other animal lever oils are cut from the diet list and instead, olive oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, and rapeseed oil are preferred.

Fluid diets, such as soups with fiber rich products like whole grains, vegetables should be taken on regular courses. Recently, a whole grain wheat meal is being popular as a perfect diabetic diet. As animal protein is highly restricted, milk and soybeans can be the supplements and they may be taken in the form of liquid diets. All these are low calorie diets and do not exceed more than 500-800 calories a day. However, strict liquid diets are meant for the diabetic obese patients and others suffering from diabetes devoid of obesity can follow a nominal strict diet unlike these liquid ones.

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