Apr 13, 2010

Liquid Diets Weight Loss - 2 Meals and Shakes

Our bodies are made for solid foods. This is why drastic changes such as switching to sustenance very unlike our original foods create very dramatic differences in the body. To the benefit of people who are struggling with their weights, quick weight loss is among the immediate effects of adopting a liquid diet.

Liquid Diet employs partial or full replacement of solid foods. This is ideal for liquid fasting, but since it works well in contributing to massive weight loss, it is now a popular method for rapidly removing excess fats, wastes, and toxins from the body.

The idea behind this diet is very elementary. Since there are not too many calories in liquid foods and drinks, it limits calorie consumption, thereby leading to expected weight loss. In this method, there are two liquid meals and one snack. The snack is typically a milk shake or its numerous variations. The snack is a combination of powdered drink mix dissolved in eight ounces of skimmed milk. All in all, this runs to just about 200 calories. Not bad for a potentially calorie-loaded drink (please note: milk = plenty of calories).

While this diet is truly effective in trimming the fats off the body, there are plenty of setbacks associated with it. For one, it is an unsustainable type of weight loss method. Normally, this diet can only last for up to 3 days; longer durations may be adopted by people who have stronger thresholds against lack of sustenance. For an average person, juices, concoctions, and commercial liquid products may fail to provide proper nutrition, thus it is very important to take mineral, vitamin, and fatty acid supplements for the entire duration of the diet.

This is an extreme measure indeed and is only highly recommended for people who need to lose weight very quickly to prepare for a bariatic operation or to maintain the body's conditions after the said operation. If you are considering this method, it would be wise to consult your physician first.

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