Apr 12, 2010

Liquid Diet Recipes

Liquid diet recipes can be useful for detoxification and weight loss. Most people are under going this type of nutrition plans in order to appear slimmer. Watery foods help our body to remove harmful toxins. It not only enhances the entire health but also helps our body in loosing weight. Undertaking liquid dieting can no-doubt help you but this nutrition plan may have dramatic side effects. There are ample chances of gaining weight after the completion of this nutrition plan. Liquid diet recipes are very low in calories, which can take our body to a starvation mode. There is also loss of energy during the entire process.

Long-term consumption of watery nutrition can be extremely dangerous for your body. This type of detoxification process can replace your muscles into fats. In order to lose weight healthily, we can take watery diets along with our regular diet plan. Cardio workouts and a healthy lifestyle can also stimulate detoxification indirectly. The advent of obesity in our lives usually forces us to undertake such low calorie nutrition plans. Most obese people, out of desperation take up juice fasting, which can be very unsafe. Our body needs at least 1500-1800 for survival. Anything, which is less than this, can be harmful. It is always advisable to lose weight naturally.

How To Prepare Lemonade Liquid Diet To Lose Weight And Liver Detoxification

Lemonade liquid diet is touted to be the most powerful diet to lose weight and liver detoxification. It can be prepared by combining maple syrup, cayenne syrup, and water with lemon juice. Most of the celebrities have undergone this type of liquid diet recipes for loosing weight. Lemonade diet also helps your body to eliminate those stubborn abdominal fats easily.

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