Mar 12, 2010

Liquid Diets Weight Loss

Liquid diets are usually a temporary form of quick diets for weight loss advised before a surgery takes place. The liquid diets fall in to two categories. One is a low calorie liquid diet and the other a meal replacement liquid diet.

The low calorie liquid diet is practiced under strict medical supervision only. This diet provides on an average about five hundred to eight hundred calories a day. This is normally a short-term diet plan, mostly recommended to those who have serious obesity problems and need to lose a lot of weight in a short span of time.

The meal replacement liquid diet replaces one or two whole meals with liquids. This type of liquid diet is offered to many people as an effective tool to reduce weight.

A liquid diet consists of fresh fruit juices or shakes. They are prepared keeping in mind nutritiously, along with sweeteners, sugar, skimmed milk and a good quantity of fiber, minerals and vitamins. Certain liquid diets also permit the consumption of solid or real food intake in proportional sizes.

There could also be certain disadvantages an individual encounters while on a liquid diet. The person may get very little fiber, and the important antioxidants present in whole fruits and grains may be left out. This will lead to having a low resistance to disease. Moreover, a liquid diet should be under medical supervision only. The weight lost during the intake of a liquid diet is rarely maintained, as such diets do not teach us to eat right long term. An individual should realize, that although liquid diet works, it is not recommended for everyone.

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